This way you will have an easier time combining the painting with the objects that are already in the room.

Here are some tips to start the process. The first step in renewing the
environment is getting to know it well. So, look at the space you have available,
think about the sensations it should cause and how it will be used in everyday
life. Notice how the walls, furniture and decoration items that will be close to
each other and their colors look like.
Other points that must be taken into account are the location of the property and
the lighting . This is because the colors can change according to the lighting of
the environment. So, a room that receives more natural light during the day and
a room that is dark most of the time will likely be designed in different ways.
In addition, lamps can also change shades. Yellow lamps intensify warmer
colors while white lamps are cooler and therefore can have the effect of
lightening colors. The definition of the area to be painted is important not only
for the decoration of the space, but also for the calculation of the necessary