“Lasagna is actually a very time consuming and strenuous food to make yourself. Enjoy preparing someone else in the restaurant because it’s worth spending money on good lasagna,” Ebola said.
Unlike some finest Italian dishes, lasagna freezes and heats very well – so don’t be shy about taking the leftovers home and enjoying them the next day. Chef and restaurant consultant Julia Helton told The Insider that when you’re in an Italian restaurant where chefs make their own pasta, you should always try to taste some. “It is possible to make your own dough, but doing it regularly is annoying.
Nicer Italian restaurants have one person in staff who only makes pasta. Nothing compares to the weight
produced at the time; it’s very hard to get back to dry stuff,” Helton said.
The best way to enjoy handmade pasta, which is often made daily with real eggs, is to order them with highlighting sauce instead of hiding your natural flavor. For example, you can combine it with a small strand of olive oil or a thin tomato sauce instead of a heavy Alfredo sauce.