Advantages of AC Motor Compared to DC Motor.

The AC motor has lower cost than DC motor, reducing purchase cost. Actuating the AC motor is also cheaper which reduces the financial cost of the stock. The efficiency of the AC motor is higher than that of the DC motor, ensuring reduced power consumption and lower motor heating. We will also have a reduction of up to 200% in the cost of maintenance, because the AC motor has fewer parts in its manufacture, because the construction of the AC motor is simpler.

The rewinding of a DC motor results in a low result to that of the AC motor, and the performance after a rewinding is not the same. A greater number of workshops are enabled to rewind AC motors, which allow a lower cost service offering due to commercial competitiveness. There is greater commercial availability of the AC motor than DC motor and the purchase is easier and faster. The AC motor is usually smaller in size than the DC motor.