“Warning strips, access limitations and alternative exits are recommended while the work is in progress,” he says.

Professional painting services
The building that is under construction demands less strict care. For example, as
floors are not usually laid, cleaning requirements are less.
Sometimes, the painting company enters the construction site and finds the
execution of the work delayed. As the coating is among the final stages, pressure
for delivery is critical. In these cases, some construction companies adopt certain
questionable attitudes. “We happened to be working at the same time that the
railings on the balconies were being lifted. The structures scraped the façade that
had already received the paint, forcing a new application ”, says Bartalini.
According to the NRs for work at height , painters must pass courses before
carrying out any activity. “Professionals undergo annual training. A battery of
medical tests is also necessary to check if there are health problems that make
them unfit ”, informs Mendes. The standards also require the use of Personal
Protective Equipment (PPE), such as a helmet and glasses.
The chairs should always be approved and present a plaque with data from the
Ministry of Labor.