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Interpreting the identification plate for three-phase electric motor

3 refers to the characteristic of being a three phase AC motor and the number “250” refers to the motor housing, and is the distance measured in millimeters between the middle axis of the center hole and the base on which the motor is attached; the notation “S and M” is derived from the English Short = Short and Medium = average, and is about the distance between the holes present in the motor feet. In the other models can also be L = Large Grande.

1/01: and it is related to month and year of manufacture of the electric motor, in this case the engine was manufactured in November 2001.

AY53872: this encoding is the engine serial number consists of two letters and five digits. This notation is present on the nameplate of all three-phase and single-phase motors, IP55 and manufactured from January 1995

60Hz: and the frequency of the supply network for which the motor was designed.

On the periphery of the pole, a damper winding

Inside the rotor there are grooves, these grooves has stator magnetic circuit and which are placed therein are coils with three-phase winding of the conductors, these conductors are in turn forming the armature winding of the electric motor, and are electrically isolated, and are each other relative to the mass of iron in complete isolation and proportional seal.

The electric circuit of an inductor is the rotor of the machine and it is formed by concentrated coils which surround the pole cores of the inductors, these magnetic poles are always mounted in a polar wheel and this wheel is always polar integral with the machine shaft, and the inductor poles can be made of solid magnetic iron or sheet material and in this latter case it exists in the periphery of the pole.

Then a so damper winding can be constituted by conductor bars and they are leaning forming a winding, which are open cage type and involving, full or partially polar wheel check our prices for y549.

The best type of cover for mobile

A mobile wholesale accessory often used is to cover, and a cover for a cell depends largely on the device owner uses your phone, so do not think to bring together all the qualities in one piece, because it will be virtually impossible.

The models available in the market that offer more security, for example, tend to be the least practical phone models in use so on, so have a cover on your smartphone is currently something essential due to the great fragility of the devices.

The bumper is a type of cover that involves the mobile side, and ends up leaving the screen and the free rear, is being evaluated as a useful cover mainly because the corners of the devices however are their weakest points and breaking more according to reports from users where to get wholesale for bluetooth, although less protect the device if it is compared to a full body cover, this case has a great advantage with respect to handling, precisely because it is lighter and less spacious compared to other models.

Categorization of electric motors

The types of engines commonly used in the market is the induction motor, it must always operate with a constant speed, or may not have power swing, the speed is used with a mechanical load which applies to the electric motor shaft em3154t. That because it is simpler than other engines and even so its power is low, so he ends up adapting to all types of machines, it is now possible that this motor speed control is done with the help of frequency inverters.

Classification of an electric motor to view in more detail is considered by many, somewhat complex and so it is common cases where even same scholars on the subject are confused, because this so that you know what types of engines and how they work is very necessary knowledge in acronyms and descriptions of each of which are generally in English.

So much attention as any misunderstanding could jeopardize the machines that will be using the engines.